Rabu, 19 Juli 2017

Happiness is simple

Everyone has their own standard of happiness. Maybe today that makes him happy is when he can complete the task faster than usual. But on another occasion, happiness can be gained while getting new challenges that promise better achievement.

Far on the other side, those who live modestly feel greatly happy when they get a plate of rice and a side dish, though there is no guarantee tomorrow can get a decent meal.

Happy is not just a certain person. Happiness is everywhere because it belongs to everyone.

Keep your speech

For those of you who like to talk to people carefully, jgan want to lose the same ass ...
Pantat aja want farts think first, look at the situation there is not listening ...
I do not like you like ceplasss ceploos ...
The period of your mouth losing the same butt ...
Soooo ... Make you out there, if you want to say that in thinking first.

Selasa, 11 Juli 2017

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

The world, a piece of silk removes stains, the dew of the dew of the heart, the heart cleanse the soul in the holy month. Happy to perform the fasting service 1438 H hopefully our charity is accepted Alllah SWT. Amiiin ...

Fasting takes distance with the world
So that people do not become slaves
Because the world is a game
Boast with the building
Proud of wealth
All that can be neglected.

Though humans are just nomads
When his property will not be taken away
Only the righteous deeds participate
The human side will disappear
Who is with God forever.

Rabu, 05 Juli 2017

The story of an apple tree and a child man

Hasil gambar untuk kisah pohon apeldan anakmuda

Once upon a time, there was an enormous apple tree. That's where a little boy likes to come and play around him almost every day. He always climbs up to the branches of a pretty sturdy branch of a low branch, then eats the flushed apples, sleeping under the bed. He loves the apple tree and vice versa, the tree is very happy to play with the child.

Time passed ... the little boy had grown up and he never looked again playing around the tree like the day before. Until one day, the boy came back to the apple tree and he looked very sad.

"You came to play with me?" The tree asked happily.

"I am no longer a child, I do not play with trees anymore" Said the child.

"I want toys, I need money to buy them."
"Sorry, but I do not have the money ... but you can choose all these apples I have and you can sell them, so you can have money to buy the toy" Answer the tree.

The boy was very excited and excited. He grabbed all the apples on the tree with great pleasure.

So long passed. The boy never came back after taking the apple. The Tree felt very sad.

On a sunny day, the boy has now turned into a grown man. He went back to the tree.

"You came to play with me?" Said the tree eagerly.

"I do not have time to play, I have to work to meet the needs of my wife, we need a house to take shelter Can you help me?"

"I'm sorry but I do not own a house, but you can cut my branches to build a beautiful little house"

Begin the man to cut all the tree branches on the right and left. The tree is happy to see it.
For how long, the man never came back since then. The apple tree felt lonely and looked very sad.

One summer day, the man returned and the apple tree looked very happy.

"You came to play with me?" Reply Tree.

"I'm getting old and can not play anymore, I want to go sailing to the ocean to relax by myself Can you give me a boat" said the man.

"Use my trunk to build your dream boat.You can sail away and be happy with your wishes.
Answer the tree.

Begin the man to cut the tree trunk, to then be made into a boat. He went sailing, and just as before, he never appeared for a long time.
After so many years, finally, the man came back again.

"I'm sorry my son, But I do not have anything for you to take again No more apples you can pick, no more branches you can pick up ..." said the tree.

"It's okay, I do not have any more teeth to eat your fruits, no energy to climb your branches, I'm too old for that" the man said.

"I really can not give anything ... the only thing that I now have is the old tree roots that have been fragile" said the apple tree while shedding tears.

"I do not need much now, I just need a place to rest, I'm tired after years of wandering"
Replied the man.

"Old tree roots are the best place to lean on and take a break off tired.Let's sit down with me"

The old man approached and the apple tree looked very pleased with a smile of tears.

This is the story of every person in this world. The apple tree is like the parents. When we were kids, we loved playing with Mom and Dad.
When we have grown up, we leave them. It comes only occasionally to them when we need something or when we are in trouble.
No matter what the intentions of the child, parents will always be there, parents are always stubborn when the child really needs them. With all their hearts, they will give everything they can just to make you happy.
We may think the child is very cruel to the tree. But that's a real picture of how we all often treat such parents as well. We always underestimate and tend not to appreciate everything they do for us. UNTIL we are late. Too late to find out what they want THEM.

Not a treasure, they do not need your money. Not a luxury house, they do not need it. All they want is YOU. Yes, you!

To accompany their old age, to simply share the little things with them.

Senin, 05 Juni 2017


Tell me how to kill the longing, because I hold it forgotten, and to forget it I can not.

Selasa, 23 Mei 2017

When Love Disappears

Smile when you remember me because I miss you so much and cry when you miss me because I was not by your side. But put your eyes on your beautiful eyes because at that time I will feel near you because I have been in your heart forever. There is nothing left for me but a lot of beautiful memories with you beautiful eyes with which I used to see the beauty of love, beautiful eyes that once belonged to you now all feels far away from me.

Life feels empty without your beauty my love heart and my longing is yours.
 Your love will never release me, how can I fly to seek another love when my wings have broken because of you, your love will remain with me until the end of my life and after death until the hand of God will unite us again.

No matter how the heart has captivated the brightness in the darkness that is reviving my dim light but unable to shine and warm my true feelings. I can never find any love other than your love because they are unmatched by your figure in my soul, you will never be replaced like a metal fragment perpetuating the silence of solitude and my grief now I have lost you.

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Happiness is simple

Everyone has their own standard of happiness. Maybe today that makes him happy is when he can complete the task faster than usual. But on a...